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Friday, 12 July 2013

Fortissimo Camp 2013

Wow, it was as hot week to start! But 9 very active campers had a great time all week.

 Even the dog got into the act... maybe a little too much sometimes!

Stallin helping with Building a Measure Bean Bag Toss!

How many more beats did you say we need?

Jorja working hard!

Oh,oh.... I think I made a boo-boo....

Noon-time fun blowing bubbles with Stally

You've Been 'Stached.... this was lots of fun - clapping rhythms and wearing 'staches!

Mackenzie, Mei Le, Rebecca, Evelyn and Melody

Jorja, Lauren, Briana, Bella, and Fiona

You've Been 'Stached!

little goatees.....

We even got to eat some mustache cookies!

 a half shaven Jorja...
Mackenzie looks great with her white 'stache...

Crafts, crafts and more crafts................
Practice Pals.... use them to keep track of those repetitions....

Working on our lightbulb maracas...

Lauren was a great help this week!

More noon hour fun - 
murals inside when it's raining outside!

In-house Concerts - performing for each other

listening to our friends...

showing off a few new tunes...

and being goofy...

 hot summertime "blues"

Notable Twister was a twisted mess!!!!

And "Musical Spot It" became very loud and competitive!

Mackenzie was a pro!

Working hard on our Orchestras - lots of colouring...

 Nine Orchestras - coloured and assembled!

An up-close view....

The Treasure Box - loaded and ready to go for the Treasure hunt....

 After the Hunt fun.... smores and more!

Some of the games we played this year:

Treble Clef Game
Build a Measure Bean Bag Toss
Sploosh - version 1 and 2
Symbol Bingo
Piano Antics
Notable Twister
Musical Spot It
Touch My Can
Hamburger Press
3-legged Race
Wheelbarrow Race
Back to Back
Wacky Rhythms
Egg Hunt
You've Been Stached
Giant Name It
Find It Scavenger Hunt
Shut the Box!
Orchestra activity sheets

A big thank-you to the many who have posted their games for free use- especially:
Joy Morin -
Sheryl Welles - Notable Music Studio
and some that I just came across and have no idea where they came from exactly!

some of these games were directly yours..... many were inspired by you.

It was a great week with a great bunch of kids....
Hope you all have a great summer!

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