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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Looking for information on lessons?

Hi there!

If you are looking for information on lessons you are in the right place.
Take a peek a the side bar and you will see some things that will interest you like:

Piano lesson policy - here you will find cost and payment method - which is interesting to most parents
Guidelines for lessons at the studio
Tips to keep your piano teacher happy - this is specific to me, by the way

If you would like to speak to me or meet me ahead of signing up for lessons please give me a call at

(I would highly recommend you call me - and early so you are higher on the waiting list)

I am currently taking names for those that are interested. I call my current students first (about 30 students), and then call the ones on the waiting list after I have my current students settled in a spot. This will happen in late August as the lesson start-up date is September 9th.

You can also get an idea of some of the things we do here at the studio by looking at past posts.  It will give you a good feel of how I work with the kids.

If you need information on teachers teaching violin, fiddle, guitar, voice etc - give me a call and I can probably direct you to someone close to you.

Have a wonderful day! 
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