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Friday, 21 December 2012

Pianolympics Results

This fall, I challenged my students to achieve gold, silver or bronze in my version of Pianolympics.
This was a results oriented incentive program.  Each student was given their own paper keyboard which was placed on the wall in the studio.  Each week, they had the opportunity to earn stickers for completing a song, or for more advanced students, part of a song, and theory.
Two special keys were coloured on the keyboard... the first one indicating that they had now passed the point of "participating" in Pianolympics and had earned a Bronze medal.  The second key indicated that they had now passed into the Silver medal category.
Those with the most stickers in the silver category won a Gold medal.
Here are the results!

Pianolympics Wall of Keyboards and Stickers!

Showing off the medals!

Danika (Gold) and Hunter (Bronze) Mader and Melody Perrone (Silver)
Harmony Grant (Gold) and Monica  Grewar (Bronze)
Mackenzie (Silver) and Thomas (Bronze) Shoniker

Gwen and Clara Marty (both Bronze)
In the Red category - 7 years and under
GOLD - Danika Mader
SILVER - Kieren McLeod
SILVER - Melody Perrone
SILVER - James Vanderveen
SILVER - Andrew Frei
SILVER - Philip Frei
BRONZE - Thomas Shoniker
BRONZE - Samuel Maes
BRONZE - Drew Anderson
Samuel Maes (Bronze)

Brianna Perrone ( Gold) , Fiona MacDonald ( Bronze) and Evelyn Cumming ( Gold)
Ethan (Silver), James (Silver) and Ryan (Bronze) Vanderveen
Drew Anderson (Bronze)

In the Red category - 8 years and over
GOLD - Harmony Grant
SILVER - Mackenzie Shoniker
SILVER - Ethan Vanderveen
SILVER - Ashley Morris
BRONZE - Monica Grewar
BRONZE - Hunter Mader
BRONZE - Fiona MacDonald
BRONZE - Ryan Vanderveen
In the Purple Category - Intro level
GOLD - Melody Morris
SILVER - Jorja McLeod
BRONZE - Alexis Gilmour
BRONZE - Mei Le Cumming
Ashley (Silver) and Melody (Silver) Morris
Lauren Roberts (Bronze)

In the Green Category - Grade 3 and up
GOLD - Brianna Perrone
GOLD - Evelyn Cumming
BRONZE - Ethan Gilmour
BRONZE - Clara Marty
BRONZE - Gwen Marty
BRONZE - Lauren Roberts
Mei Le Cumming (Bronze)
Keiren and Jorja McLeod (both Silver)
Ethan and Alexis Gilmour (both Bronze)

Phillip (Silver) and Andrew (Silver) Frei

Congratulations to everyone!

Be prepared for January when the Mad Minute Note Challenge begins along with other Mad Minute Challenges... and of course.... "What kind of animal are you this week?"

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