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Tuesday, 24 May 2022

 Lessons for 2022-2023

Private Lessons:

    Cost:   There is a studio fee of $30 each year which covers printing, binders, access to my music library, incentives and the year end recital. Theory and lesson books are extra.

 Lessons are paid per semester, with the option to pay by installment based on the following rates:

  • 30 min lessons - $25
  • 45 min lessons - $37.50 (required for those 10 years and up)
  • 60 min lessons - $50

    In-person Option

  • all lessons in person, one-on-one, at my home studio. Students must agree to flip online when needed due to illness (if they are well enough for a lesson), weather, or for any other reason such as lack of transportation
     Hybrid Option
  • all lessons are online with the option of one lesson per month in person at my studio 
**Make-up weeks are available for missed lessons 3 times during the year. No shows are not eligible for make-up lessons. Please let me know asap when you are not available for your lesson so that someone else might take advantage of your spot and we might be able to reschedule.

Adult lessons:
  •  group of 10 one hour  private lessons at a cost of $520
  • this comes with the flexibility to "miss" and reschedule 2 lessons during a 12 week period. Prior notice is required. However students must commit to completing the 10 lessons within  12 week period.
  • lessons may be in person or online
  • no studio fee but books are extra
  • alternatively, adults may sign up for regular lessons as described under "private lessons", but must adhere to the policies that give less flexibility.
A la Carte Lessons:
  • lessons arranged at a convenient time for both student and teacher
  • no commitment required since you sign up for one lesson at a time
  • Cost : $65 per hour - no extra costs unless you decide to purchase books
  • recommended only for busy adults that have some experience playing and are looking for specific guidance.
Group Lessons:
        Returning again after a break from this option during Covid, Group lessons provide students with the experience of learning with other students. 
  • Groups of 3 students enjoy a 45 minute lesson
  • Groups of 4 students enjoy an hour lesson.
  • parents save a significant amount of money with this option (about $250 per year compared to a regular 30 minute private lesson)
  • no annual studio fee
  • books included at whatever level the student needs
  • students enjoy engaging in the learning process with others present creating a fun atmosphere of sharing achievements
  • students must be willing to work somewhat independently and be able to focus with other students around them.
  • Longer lesson time for less cost
  • no makeups available for missed lessons
Each student works on their own keyboard with headphones, with assistance from the  rotating teacher for approximately 15-25 mins.  The remainder of the time is spent learning through games that specifically target areas to help the student move forward in their own independent work. A small amount of written theory work will also be done. Duet work, and performance within the group environment create a co-operative atmosphere. Students are expected to practice and be prepared for these group sessions.

When:  Fridays at 4:15 pm if sufficient interest 
                and one other time to be announced based on demand.
Who:  Any age up to age 12
Experience: none required.  These lessons are best suited for beginners to level 2 RCM piano.
Cost: September - December 2022 - 13 lessons $260

Note: Minimum of 3 students required for a group to run.

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