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Studio Sign

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Welcome Back!

It is always exciting to start a new season of lessons!  As promised, here is a link to the schedule.... I have one more hour of lessons for someone to fit in yet, but as you can see, it is, at the moment, just slightly more flexible than last year.  So this is the schedule we will be starting with and I will post changes as they happen.

In other news:

My daughter Pamela is now home and teaching violin, piano and stepdance.  She holds a degree in violin performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston as well as her ARCT in piano. She hopes to have her schedule up and going soon.  If you know of anyone interested in violin, fiddle, piano or stepdance lessons - it appears she will be teaching in Williamstown  and Cornwall. Please contact her directly at for more information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  Lessons start September 8th!  :)

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