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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you have a few questions about lessons.  Read through the following, and maybe your answer will be there!

1.  How much are lessons?

           Lessons are charged as a semester rate, based on the going rate for lessons in this area which is approximately $20 - $25 per half hour.  There is a studio fee of $25 per year which covers incidentals such as assignment books and binders, incentives, music library, photocopies and recital.

2 .  Do you give discounts?

          Yes!  There is a discount for illness and snow that amounts to about 2 - 3 lessons per year. It is to your advantage to attend all lessons.   There is also a family discount when a family or even ONE student signs up for 60 mins or more.

3.  How long are lessons?

          Generally lessons are 30 mins for beginners up to Level 2.  45 mins for Level 2 to level 5 and 60 mins for Level 6 and up.  Beginners that are 10 years old or adults are required to take 45 min lessons.

4.  Do I need a piano?

          Yes, definitely you need a piano or a full sized (88 key) keyboard.  Good used ones are available on kijiji.  You would be wasting your money, to not have a keyboard or piano to work on daily.  It would be like asking for skating lessons and refusing to buy skates.

5.  How long before my child will be playing songs?

          Children learn songs right from day one.  However, fluent playing and reading abilities only come with dedicated daily practice, and after about 3 - 4 years of lessons, depending entirely on how much your child works at it and how much natural ability they have.  Think of it like learning to read words... it takes daily practice with lots of books to make a good reader and an interested reader.

6.  How much practice is required?

            Children start with 15 mins per day and work up to 30 mins in the first year or two, depending on their age.  Anyone that is 10 and up should manage 30 mins per day easily.  As they progress to higher levels, practicing should increase according to the length of their lesson time.  A 45 min lesson should require 45 mins of practice, daily.

7.  What is the best age to start lessons?

           This is totally dependent on your child.  Some start at age 5 quite easily and some should wait until they are 7 or 8 years old.  And anyone can start at any age (ie you are never too old to start lessons)  Good indications for starting lessons are if your child can sit for 15 mins and focus on an activity, has a good knowledge of their letters and numbers and is interested in learning to read.  Some children show a particular musical talent, for example the ability to sing in tune, or the ability to pick out little tunes on a piano.

I hope this has helped to answer your questions.  Feel free to give me a call to speak further about lessons.  Mary  613-347-3428

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