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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tips to make Practice time more enjoyable

When learning an instrument - any instrument - probably the biggest reason that students quit, is that practice has become a battle ground.  The teacher expects it - the parent tries to "make" practice happen - and often, the student refuses.  How to make this less of a battle.

1.  Set a regular time for practice each day.  Establishing a routine is crucial to success.  Pick a time when the student is relatively rested and fed, and a parent can be around to ensure practice actually happens.

2.  Be interested.  If you, as a parent, are interested in what your child is learning, then your child will also be interested.  Your enthusiasm is crucial to success.  Read their assignment book.  Reveal your interest by listening and making positive comments on their playing.

3. Reward.  Some may disagree, but for certain ages, small rewards can make learning fun.  It can be as simple as a sticker chart to record practice - or more involved if you have the time and energy for that.

4. Keep communication lines open with the teacher.  Sharing difficulties with practice early on with the teacher can give an opportunity for the teacher to address this with the student and provide more individualized solutions.

In future posts, I will expand upon each of these suggestions with more concrete ideas and explanations as to why these three main points can make all the difference in how motivated and happy your child is, when learning their instrument.

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