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Saturday, 2 March 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

Cedar Grove Piano Studio

March 2013 Newsletter

            February was a crazy month for our family and I am very grateful for understanding parents that were able to make changes and reschedule lessons at the last minute. Thank you once again.

MCM Festival:  April 15 - 19

The festival is fast approaching. Many of you will have questions regarding the festival since you will not have participated before.  Here are a few answers.

When will my child play?   The schedule should be available about 2 weeks before the festival.  You can find it most easily by checking my website:  where I will have a listing of my student’s performance times.  Otherwise you can check for their listing.

What should my child wear?  Dress clothes, plain and simple.  This is a performance and jeans are not an option.  Girls should wear appropriate footwear if they are using the pedal – try it out first at home

Should we bring anything?  Yes.  Bring the books that have the music they are playing.  If it is a photocopy, do not bring it – I will have the music book.  You should also bring some change as there is usually a place to buy a drink or treat and there is also usually an entry fee of $2 per adult. You may also bring a lunch as there are no restaurants nearby.

What can I do as a parent to help my child prepare?   Establishing a regular practice routine is essential for your child to feel prepared.  I see far too many children that are overscheduled and unable to fit in practicing.  Piano requires a regular practice schedule and I expect that parents will establish and enforce one for their children.

Why is it during the school day?  Most festivals across Ontario are held during the school day.  An adjudicator is hired for the entire day.  This costs the festival $350 – 400 per day plus travel and accommodations.  There are about 400 entries in this festival.  There is no way that a festival can afford to run only after school hours.  It would cost far too much to schedule that many students in so short a time span. Your child is not the only child involved and so special considerations are rare.

My child is sick/has another activity/etc. Can I get a refund?  No.

Where is it again?  It is held at the Abbey for the Arts, Glen Nevis. I will have directions on my website with the performance times.  You should arrive 10 – 15 minutes early. 

Music Camps:

I didn`t get a lot of response to my survey for music camp dates.  However, the brochure is now available on the website for you to download if you would like to participate.  Camps will be filled on a first come, first served basis. We had a blast last year and you can see some pictures of what we did if you look at the sidebar under July 2012 Fortissimo Camp, Piano Discovery camp, and August Fortissimo Camp. The camps will be open to students from other teachers as well.  If you know someone that you think might enjoy the camp, please forward the information to them. Just click here:  Music Camp 2013 brochure

Dates to take note of:  (mark your calendars!)

March 11 -15  - March Break – no lessons

March 29 – Good Friday – no lessons

April 1 – Easter Monday – no lessons

April 8 – no lessons… make-up date is April 15

April 15 – 19 – MCM Festival – no lessons except for April 15 makeup lessons for Monday students – I will be at the festival to support your child during the rest of the week.

Victoria Day, May 20 – YES, there are lessons today!!  Too close to the recital to be missing more lessons, my Monday students!

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