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Monday, 4 November 2013

November Newsletter

Fall Challenge Update:

Those stickers are mounting up quickly!  And the students are really enjoying watching their progress.

And we still have about 5 weeks left before the big draw!

Studio Workshop Festival:

I am excited about this new event for our studio.  I have arranged with The Abbey in Glen Nevis to host our first ever Studio Workshop Festival in late March. I decided to do this because I think that all of the students would benefit from having the extra performance opportunity.  As well, everyone can benefit from the advice that our workshop leader, Dr. Bruce Wheatcroft, will provide.  He is excellent in working with children, and I am sure that those of you who know him will be excited to have him coach your child. This is an event that I would like everyone to participate in. There will be certificates for each of you, and even prizes.

This event will be free to students in this studio.  Yes, free.  I will use it as an opportunity to do "make-up" lessons for those who have missed a lesson during the year.  For those of you who have not missed a lesson, I will give you a break from your lesson that week in order to make preparations for the Studio Festival.

Some of you will decide that this is the only event you would like to participate in this year, other than the end of year recital.  And that is fine.  Participating in the Kinsmen Festival, or the MCM Festival is optional. 

Lessons on November 7th and 8th:

     All lessons on Thursday and Friday November 7th and 8th will be cancelled. They will be "made up" at the Studio Festival in March.

Christmas Music

     We will be starting Christmas music this week, so if you have any music at home that you have been itching to learn, bring it along to your lesson and we will get started.  I will have some available here as well for you to choose from. 

This will likely be the last newsletter for this semester. 

Lessons conclude December 16th and start again January 6th, 2014.  Prior to the start of the Winter semester, I will send each of you an invoice via email for those lessons.

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