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Sunday, 23 February 2014

February Newsletter

Cedar Grove Piano Studio

February 2014 Newsletter

Thought I would start out the newsletter with this little poster I found on pinterest.  Yup - for sure this is why I teach - why I love to teach your children.

Yes!!!  Each one of my students is so special to me. Recently I was asked what I would do if I had all the money in the world... and I could not think of anything more than what I am doing right now... nothing makes me happier than teaching piano.... well, my family of course (better not leave them out!)

Sunday, March 23 - Studio Festival Workshop

I hope everyone has their calendars marked for this special event for our studio. Click on the link above for directions to The Abbey. Below you will find the schedule. Please plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and dress for performance. :)  When you arrive, please be sensitive to the fact that others may be performing, or the adjudicator may be speaking.  A quiet entrance will be much appreciated.  I will be there, of course, but will likely be busy helping the adjudicator.   Although I may not greet you personally, I will definitely be speaking to each student just before their group plays.

We only have 3 lessons left to prepare for this event.  (Yikes!)  I hope everyone will put their best foot forward to practice in the next few weeks... March Break occurs only 2 weeks before this event, then we have one lesson - then the festival.  That may pose a bit of a problem for practicing... so plan ahead and be prepared... To encourage good preparation, beads are being awarded for memory and performance.  So take advantage!  There will also be prizes at this Festival Workshop... sponsored by the studio (Yay!)

1 pm - Beginner one - Group A:

Kyle Gaucher
Quinn MacDonald
Avery MacDonald
Hayden Mader

130 pm - Beginner One - Group B:

Drew Anderson
Andrew Frei
Danika Mader
Sam Maes
James Vanderveen

2:00 pm - Beginner Two:

Kieren McLeod
Ryan Vanderveen
Phillip Frei
Hunter Mader
Ashley Morris

2:45 pm - Introductory:

Ethan Vanderveen
Harmony Grant
Monica Grewar
Chris Everett


3:45 pm - Grade 1 and 2:

Alexis Gilmour
Fiona MacDonald
Melody Morris
Jorja McLeod

4:30 pm - Grade 4, 5 and 6

Nick Galley
Ethan Gilmour
Evelyn Cumming
Lauren Roberts

Note:  You do not need to stay for the entire event. If you come for your time slot and that is all - that's fine. Of course, you may find it interesting to hear some of the other students play.

Bead It Up!

This practice incentive is going very well.  I think everyone is enjoying collecting their beads each week and watching the strings grow longer and longer.  Keep up the great work!  Parents - you are always welcome to peak in the studio and see the growing lengths of beads on the wall.

Other Festivals

The end of March is the Kinsmen Festival, and the beginning of April is the MCM Festival.  If you have registered for either of these events, I will let you know the time and day that you play as soon as the organizers tell me.  This year, I cannot promise to be there to hear you play as I will be continuing to teach those weeks.  If I can, I will be there.  

Hoping that spring is soon on its way!
Blessings to all

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