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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Music Camps and Summer Lessons

Music Camp – 2014

            Music Camp dates are set for this year.  You can download a camp brochure here or pick one up at the Studio Festival Workshop or at the Studio.  Applications are due by June 15th(the Recital basically).  I have added a new camp this year.  Forte Camp is the same as the Fortissimo Camp, but is packed into a three hour morning. 
If you have friends or neighbours that take lessons from someone else, they may be interested in attending one of the camps.  This is fine as long as they continue on with their own teacher in the fall.  Your word of mouth endorsement of the camps is the only way these camps will continue to be offered.  So feel free to take some extra brochures to pass out, or refer your friends to the website where they can see pictures of past camps and download their own copy of the brochure. There are also 2 camps available for those who have no piano lesson experience – the Adventure Camp for 6 – 9 year olds in August is a general music camp, and the Piano Discovery Camp for 4 and 5 year olds is just that – where young ones can get some exposure to the piano… great fun! (Just so everyone is aware, schools are not keen on passing out information like this because I am considered a private business person - neither will the library allow me to place my information there, and community bulletin boards are very limited.  This is why I rely on you to pass the word around... with a big thank you!)

A half dozen Summer Lessons

            This year I am offering a set of 6 summer lessons.  Current students can take advantage of these lessons if they wish to keep going for a time over the summer months.  Those who would like to “try out” the piano can also do so for this limited time with no obligation to continue lessons in the fall.  Cost and details are below. If you know of someone who is thinking they might like to take lessons, but is concerned about whether they will like it, this is a perfect way to give it a try.

30 min lessons - $100
45 min lessons - $150
60 min lessons - $200

Terms and conditions:  
These six lessons are sold as a block of lessons that must be used between June 16 and August 15, 2014.  Lesson times must be booked in advance but can be flexible in that there may be 2 lessons one week and none the next, for example.  Lesson times that are booked and missed without notice will not be made-up. Lessons not used by the end of the day, August 15, 2014 will not be reimbursed or made up.   Books and downloaded music are not included in this offer and will be billed separately.

Violin lessons and String Camps:

Stay tuned for more information coming soon on violin lessons and String Camps. My daughter, Pamela is arriving home from Boston at the end of April and will be available to teach violin to those who are interested in lessons.  As well, she is planning some String Camps for the summer! Will update with more information as I have it available. For those of you who do not know Pamela, you can view her website at

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