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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Piano Lessons are Good for You!

Sometimes, I think parents avoid having their child take part in piano lessons... perhaps for many different reasons - a bad personal experience, the cost, or the effort involved.  Perhaps they just see it as wasted time and that sports are a more productive way to spend their time.  Sports are great - I have my child in swimming lessons, and my children have participated in soccer, basketball, skating - all in a recreational way.  But sports cannot compare to learning an instrument in its effect on brain development.  If you are considering lessons, perhaps the following poster (I hope you can read it!) will be helpful to you in making your decision.  All children benefit - from those will little focus (they learn to develop it) to those that are extremely bright (they benefit from the challenge) and those that struggle in school (the benefits of music help with schoolwork!)  Piano levels the field and gives so much back to the student.  When you get old, perhaps you won't be able to play soccer - but likely, you will still be able to enjoy playing the piano!


Alex said...

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Mary Cumming said...

Thanks so much! Not sure if you are interested, but you can check out some of my piano compositions at - most of them are free...